The Admin Giancarlo Maglanque

Take a look at Giancarlo's fixed-gear bike as he pedals around the streets of Valenzuela.

Better known as the The Admin of the fixed-gear bike club, North Side Fixed. Giancarlo is an artist by heart and labels his lifestyle as a Straight Edge. He is also the very first fixed-gear rider featured on DWEBGEEK, see him up close.

About Giancarlo

According to him, he started riding fixed-gear in 2012 along with his friend, Dandie. It was the time that they were searching for a kind of bike that would perfectly fit their lifestyle and a bike that is very easy to maintain in terms of replacing and repairing its parts.

By happy chance, his friend Lindy Milan introduced and influenced him to try acquiring a fixed-gear bike that eventually lead him to watched some documentary films like MACRAFRAMA which triggered him even more to start riding one.

North Side Fixed

In 2013, he founded the group North Side Fixed along with Uno Cruz, Dandie Pascual and Richard Galvez. He said, “At first, the three of us (Myself, Uno and Dandie) just started doing long rides until we met Richard Galvez, who paved our way to the world of Criterium racing.”

Richard was also the one who helped them establish the group as a legitimate organization and assisted them to have their own spot at the Meycauayan Commercial Complex.

At MCC, they continue training for Criterium races and constantly conducting a weekly “Bente Karera” crit racing for all fixed-gear riders from different areas of Manila.

The NSF team is in its fourth year now with the second generation of riders. Friends do come and go and so as for the racers, too. But NSF without a doubt will be in the fixed-gear scene for a very long time. – Giancarlo Maglanque.

The Ride

Dolan Pre Cursa is often labelled as a “starter” track frame due to its affordability that features lightweight material (Aluminium 7075 Double Butted) and weighs only about 1.78kg. This frame is built with a rock solid construction that has been winning many competitions at the highest level such as Track World Cups.

The Admin

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Where to Buy

Giro Foray Helmet

Dolan Pre Cursa

Cadence Minimalist Cycling Glove

Cadence Top Cap / Bartape


Highlight Video

Watch North Side Fixed’s 2nd Year Anniversary

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