North Side Fixed 5th Anniversary

Photo recap of the North Side Fixed 5th Anniversary held last April 28th.

First of all, congratulations to North Side Fixed and to all the people behind this great organization. As always, It was a very successful event supported by a number of well-known brands and fellow bike enthusiasts from different bike groups who came and showed their support. The race was pure fun and full of adrenaline from all the cyclists who participated in the criterium that everything went well without any mishaps.

The said event marks my fourth time of supporting the group’s anniversary by volunteering as a photographer. The experience of shooting the event every year helped me a lot in improving my photography skills, especially in burst or action mode. If you would compare my shots from last year’s event North Side Fixed 4th Year Anniversary, the majority of you might agree that my shots have improved. But if not, please let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

Official Poster by Giancarlo Maglanque
At one point in the race, Angelito "Toolatez" Ramilo has lead the breakaway.
Warren Pare leading the pack

Photo Set

Set A

During the first few laps of the race, I struggled to find the correct shutter speed while on continuous shooting mode because these lads are too damn fast! But luckily, I managed to get it right.

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Set B

They all look extremely tired while I enjoy taking photos of them.

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Set C

Still enjoying taking photos under extreme heat condition. The weather was perfect!

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Warren Pare on his final lap


Place Name
1 Warren Pare
2 CJ Arevalo
3 Eljay Fernandez Francisco
4 Matthew Bordallo
5 Eljay Espinas

The Winners

The winners holding their much deserved prizes from the sponsors.

The Champion

North Side Fixed Family





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