North Side Fixed 4th Year Anniversary

Here's how it unfolds at the North Side Fixed 4th Year Anniversary - Criterium Mayhem!

It was a great day in Meycauayan Sports Complex as the North Side Fixed celebrated their 4th year anniversary with a Criterium race participated by amateur fixed-gear cyclists, held last June 3rd. Riders and spectators surely had a lot of fun.

Official event poster. Credits to North Side Fixed


The Men’s final was the main event of the day as it was joined by a total of 60 amateur cyclists. But before the final race commenced, all of them should qualify first for the given time and laps set by the organizer. Most of them did, but some were unlucky due to exhaustion from the heat of the sun and the intensity of the pace, but none of them needed a serious medical attention.

Qualifying round

Women’s Criterium

After the Men’s qualifying round. Women’s Criterium had taken place and it was an obvious indication that women are still a minority in the world of fixed-gear or bike racing in general. Only six of them were brave enough to participate and finish the six laps of the said race.

Here is Team Mako as they were about to cross the finish line.

Men’s Final

It was pure dominance from Archie Cardaña who lead the peloton for almost half of the 24 lap non stop pedaling under the vast heat of the sun. Before he crossed the finish line, he was able to break away from the pack a few laps towards the end of the race. As for the rest of the pack, they fought really hard and sprinted their way to the finish line.

The breakaway

The Winners

All looked happy and proud as they were introduced to the podium holding their prizes from the event’s sponsors.

With their prizes from the event's sponsors
Team Mako dominates the Women's criterium


Men’s Final

Place Name
1 Archie Cardaña
2 John Cedrec Garcera
3 Levin Ong
4 Jasper Ocasion
5 Harvey Miguel
6 Joelito Delima
7 Cj Arevalo

Women’s Final

Place Name
1 Gwyniever Fryce
2 Mary Joyce Monton
3 Marianne Dacumos

Take a Look Back

Here is an NSF throwback video that I filmed two years ago for their 2nd year anniversary.

Credits to Weavify Studios

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