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Learn more about these awesome bike messengers from the East.

It was sometime in January this year when Eastern Couriers approached me, asking if we can do a collaboration to help promote their vision as bike couriers. To be honest, my schedule was compact but I didn’t feel hesitant to their request that time and I don’t usually reject other people’s request, I just felt that there is something extraordinary about them. So it’s a deal.

We were supposed to do our photo shoot in BGC, but it’s too far from my place, so we ended up somewhere in Makati City. I have prepared myself and did some research for this shoot. Because I already anticipated that shooting multiple subjects (or moving subjects) in a busy metro would be a huge assignment. There’s also a constant pressure on me that I have to get the “great” shots only in a few attempts, that’s why I really have to trust my skills not just my nifty fifty.

About Eastern Couriers

Eastern Couriers is a fixed-gear bike courier group from the East. They started the team to continue the culture of having an eco-friendly service. As of now, they are serving most of the cities in Metro Manila and some Rizal areas. They believe in promoting environmentally companion for business deliveries.

We thought a lot of names for our group and came up with Eastern Couriers since we are currently residing in the East. As we strive to look for more clients, we were contacted by Abram’s Cold Brew Coffee and it became our first official client as a team. By the help of social media posting, we are proudly serving several businesses around the Metro. The founder said.

Who are Eastern Couriers?

  • Founder – Lawrence Jay de Guzman
  • Co-founder – Marlon Tangcoy
  • Co-founder – Reever Leis Mercado
  • Members – Alvin Alcobendas, Raffy James Garan
Dudes are going the wrong way. Ha-ha!

With all honesty when I hear or think of a “bike messenger”, I always thought of the movie Premium Rush, it’s a shame that I have a very little knowledge about this bike culture in the Philippines. My utmost respect to these guys for doing what they love to do at the same time risking their lives in one of the world’s congested cities.

How it all started?

Late 2017, I decided to leave my full-time job as a Graphic Artist at a BPO company. It was due to the stressful environment and slow traffic that I experienced every day. Since I don’t have work that time, I tried posting an ad looking for a potential client for the courier service, and because of that, Mark Astilla of The Project/BMX Cycle Center contacted me if I want to work for his wife’s business as a courier. It was also through Mark, when I met Alvin. So after 3 or 4 months of working with them, Mark gave me an idea to start a team that will handle deliveries around Metro Manila, and eventually introduced this idea to my friends. Marlon Tangcoy, who was working at Revere Clothing, and Reever Mercado expressed their interest in joining. Sometime in January 2018, Alvin and Raffy also joined the team. Jay shared.

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Alvin Alcobendas – Worst accident you’ve been in?

I have experienced all kinds of accidents on the road before. Like what they always say, experience is the best teacher. I always remember this accident; it was while I was delivering something and very much focused on the road. But you know as a man, it was normal for me to get distracted by a beautiful woman who was walking by the sidewalk, and because of that, I lost my focus that I didn’t notice that there was a pole heading towards me. I crashed into it, but I’m alright. Since then, I always keep telling my friends “don’t chicks and drive!”.

"The truth is, Philippines is one of the countries which is not familiar with this type of service."
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Lawrence Jay De Guzman – As technology advances, is bike messenger becoming an irrelevant occupation?

No. Since the technology advances, we tend to forget the simple things/resources that we can use in our daily grind, they can’t see the fact that it’s not just eco-friendly but it’s also more convenient than commuting or what-so-ever. We can say that most bike courier services are cheaper and faster than those big companies who use motorized vehicles.

"Use Google maps and don’t follow the public transportation routes."
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Marlon Tangcoy – Any tips for avoiding Loop traffic—secret, superfast routes?

Tips? You can check Google maps and put it in walk mode, it will show you the shortest way, or trust your natural instincts and know the critical areas in the metro to avoid it.

"I got hit by a taxi, crashed in a race (that was the worst pain in 2 days)"
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Services & Rates

  • Point to Point Delivery – P150.00
  • Cash on Delivery – P200.00
  • Personal Assistance Service – P250.00+

**prices may change depending on size and weight of the parcel.

"We drink a "few" bottles of beer in Cubao Expo, or we find a good cheap food along the way."

Contact Information

"Delivered a hundred cans of pomades and a box of pomade on my handle bars from Antipolo to Banaue, Quezon City." - Marlon

The Rides

Alvin’s setup – Frameset: Ranger; Crank set: The Project 48T – 15T

Alvin Alcobenda

Marlon’s setup – Frame: Dolan Pre-Cursa; Fork: The Project Je Fork; Crank set: Sugino 75 / Sugino Zen 48T – 17T

Marlon Tangcoy

Jay’s setup – Frame: The Project Hiten; Fork: Harabas Fork; Crank set: Andel 47T – 17T

Lawrence Jay De Guzman

Where to Buy?

The Project Frames, Fork & Crank set

Ranger Frames

Dolan Pre Cursa

H Plus Son

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