Bike-to-School / Marco Canlapan

Bike-to-School Series: Marco, an Automotive student on his fixed-gear bike going to school.

It was a gloomy Friday morning in Caloocan City when I arrived at Marco’s house, with the sun still behind the clouds. Despite the weather being unpredictable that day, we were fortunate that the rain did not stopped us from making this shoot possible.

About Marco

Mark James Canlapan is an 18-year-old Automotive student at Lorraine Technical School in Caloocan City, which is about 650 meters from his house. Apart from constantly riding his fixed-gear bike, he is also fond of repairing automobiles from their garage. That explains why he is now an Automotive student.

He started riding a fixed-gear bike in September 2015 along with his cousins.

The Attitude

He used to ride a BMX and a mountain bike, but when he saw Drew Arellano in one of his tv shows ‘Bike Polo’ he got really interested. The game may also be referred to as Hardcourt Bike Polo. Because of his curiosity, he then started to watch videos on YouTube and there he learned more about fixed-gear bikes.

Marco is a member of MalabonFXD, an open group for bike enthusiasts, living in Metro Manila mainly, CAMANAVA area.

Bike to School

According to Marco, he started his ‘bike to school‘ when he was in 4th year high school using his old, rusty, classic bike.“I prefer going to school riding a bike because it’s way too convenient for me since our house is not that far from our school.” Riding his bike also serves as his daily workout and enables him to save money from his weekly allowance.

Leaving home for school

I asked if he still rides his bike even if it is raining outside, he told me “I still ride my bike going to school, I just have to wait for the rain to stop pouring before I continue pedaling, I also got a decent mudguard to protect my school uniform from the dirt coming out of my wheels.”

Going to school

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