Bike-to-School / EJ Libornio

Bike-to-School Series: EJ, an IT student at Pambayang Dalubhasaan ng Marilao.

It usually rains in September but fortunately last weekend, the sun is up and the weather’s fine. So I rode my bike for 15km in McArthur Highway to meet EJ near SM Marilao to do a photo shoot.

About EJ

Emmanuel John or “EJ” as his friends call him, is an Information Technology student at Pambayang Dalubhasaan ng Marilao in Bulacan. He describes himself as an ordinary student who loves cycling around the city as his mode of transportation.

Emmanuel John Libornio

I asked him the reason why he chose to ride a fixed-gear bike instead of conventional ones and he said, “I used to ride BMX back in 2011-2013, but eventually shifted to fixed-gear in 2014 when I saw a friend of mine riding a simple Celt bike, it was so clean and simple. When I tried riding one, it felt like it’s way easier and more comfortable to use as a daily commuter bike.”

“So I decided to sell my BMX and bought myself a fixed-gear bike, which worked out well since it requires less maintenance because of very few bike parts needed for a fixed-gear bike to function. Unlike high maintenance bicycles like mountain bikes or folding bikes. It’s actually one of the reasons why I now prefer fixed-gear bikes than mountain or folding bikes.” he added.

Bike to School

When I asked him when did he started to ride his bike to school, he said “I decided riding my bike to school after the second week of my freshmen days because the distance between my school and our house is roughly 400 to 800 meters. If I will commute, it’ll be quite a hassle because I still need to walk several meters to get to the terminal. But with my fixed-gear bike, it’s so convenient. I also get to save while enjoying the ride.”

"I sold my BMX and bought myself a fixed-gear bike."

One of the challenges of a bike commuter is when it’s raining. You need to be extra careful especially when you are riding a fixed-gear bike.

It rained a lot last August and I wonder how he managed to go to school with his bike and he said, “I ride my bike to school rain or shine. There is no reason not to ride it anyway. It’s just rain. It can be solved with a jacket and a waterproof bag. I will still get wet if I walk and commute, I would rather have fun riding my bike in the rain.”

"I ride my bike to school rain or shine."

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