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Bike-to-School Series: Cristian is a 20 year-old Information Technology student at BSU.

Cristian is one of the respondents from the ‘Bike-to-School’ survey I posted last year. He might also be the last one to be featured in this series because currently, I’m thinking of starting a new concept, but it would be definitely a series, too.

I usually schedule my photo shoot in the morning, but this time I experimented to shoot my subject in the afternoon.

We started around 3PM, and we only had a couple of hours to finish it at the Meycauayan City Sports Complex. Since we are in a hurry, as a photographer, I really appreciate that he is willing to do the things I instructed him. Even if I completely messed-up on some shots because some photos are not really sharp, he was ready to try again until we got the shots that we need.

Meycauayan City Sports Complex

About Cristian

Cristian, an Asian cutie (as per him, hehe) is a 20 year-old Information Technology student at Bulacan State University. He is a competitive person with a competitive attitude who loves to ride his bike, giving his all-out performance on any cycling events. If he is not riding his bike, there are other things that interest him like studying, playing computer games, doing household chores and vaping.

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As I observed, he must be really enjoying riding his bike, because I noticed that he often competes at Meycauayan City Sports Complex during Saturdays with North Side Fixed.

I compete every week, either it’s a win or lose. I just enjoy the excitement of every race.

Doing the leg over bar skid

Some of the competitions he won as a Champion:

  • Bulacan Fixie Nation Dragsprint Champion
  • Malolos Bike Festival Obstacle Race Champion
  • Strapware Bags Event Alleycat Champion

Those are the events that I won as a champion, but I have participated a lot of races, but finished only from 2nd to 15th place.


Can you share your experience the first time you tried a fixed-gear bike?

The first time I tried a fixed-gear bike was when my friend, “Hans Dy” bought one. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I started loving it from the moment I tried it. I put the straps on and slowly got my confidence as I pedal the bike. But when I decided to stop, I was surprised that the bike didn’t stop the way I expected. So I ended crashing to the gutter.

When did you think that you wanted to go to school with your bike?

Actually, I thought of it when I was in High School (MTB days). But during that time, my mother won’t let me ride my bike to school even though my school is less than a kilometer away from home.

How do you prepare yourself for a bad weather?

I prepare myself for a bad weather by bringing a jacket, lights, and most especially my helmet. I have experienced riding in a dark, cold, rainy night with my uniform (polo and slacks). That was the second craziest thing I have ever done in my “BIKE TO SCHOOL” experience. My craziest and nasty experience was riding in a 3-feet flood with my uniform. From white to brown, real quick.

The Ride

Cheeko Track is an economical fixed gear/singlespeed frame. Built with 6061 aluminum tubing and tig welded in order to keep it lightweight, and with a true track geometry, it makes for the a great starting track frame or commuter. Both available as a frame or framekit – Colossi Website

He shares the same track frame with Margaux Salamat, a FIXIEGIRL featured on DWEBGEEK last December 2017. Check it here: FIXIEGIRL / Margaux Salamat

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Where to Buy?

Colossi Cheeko Track

Novatech Hubs

Giro LiveStrong Helmet

How to be Featured?

Want to get featured on DWEBGEEK.COM? If you got style and a nice ride, you can send a message on my Facebook page and share some photos with your bike. I’ll let you know if you will be the chosen one!

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